“I have made a lot of hard work and dedication into building this brand known as Edison Diako,I can’t tell you how many times I received the response ,No!. The times I doubted the power I posses its my shine,…Edison Diako.

Botswana is one of the largest diamond producers in Africa. One of the well known diamonds in Botswana which are not in the form of minerals are the Batswana models.
Edison Diako (26) is one of Batswana’s biggest models who was born and raised in Maun,Botswana.
He describes himself as the fire that burns when one talks badly about being a model or a creative artist.
Edison will be travelling to Tanzania an East and Southern African country to attend the A.F.W (Africa Fashion Week),which is an event set aside to show the world the power within Africa’s Fashion Industry.
After his tour in Tanzania,the 26 year old model is set to headline the World Fashion Day in August in Uganda.
Edison told Model Guide Zim that participating in such events grants him an opportunity to be a role model to upcoming models in being proud of their identity and its also a sign of the growth of his brand.

“Participating in these events means growth,the more I travel,the more I realise that I don’t know much. Its like I haven’t started being a model yet and I’m encouraged to keep on working and to keep on pushing. I really want to narrate African fashion and style stories.
“I get super excited every time I get an invitation outside Botswana because that means I’m about to find a piece of myself that I didn’t know was missing in the first place.
“In these trips also I want fulfillment,I want my control back. I want the upcoming generation to look at themselves and say we are beautiful. I want them to know the truth,who they are and where they are coming from,” he explained.
Edison has catwalked this year in an international event in South Africa which was hosted by Mpumalanga Fashion and Design Week he wore Clavon Leonard (United Based Fashion Design)’s garment and Raymond Geoffrey.
Being part of the biggest diamonds in Botswana,Edison is expected to take part in a number of fashion shows across the globe as more details are yet to be revealed.
Pic credit @Raymondageofrey