(An Introduction)

Article Written By: Silaji Saidi

This article goes a long (or short) way to centralize on fashion designers’ minds (their capability & ability), in Zimbabwe and around the globe. A perfect motivational fresh breeze of air, especially for beginners.

Design thinking is a technique used by designers for illuminating complex problems with creative elucidation. It obliges as a recipe for flogging up a batch of creativity whenever you are greedy for some raw ideas.

Fashion designers are minds of creativity. They live to execute innovative and creative ideas in the fashion world. As we all know, fashion has a world of it’s own, with a loads of different cities which are always awake and running all the time. Their dedication and obsession (fashion designers) has lead our major world to pass through evolutionary, revolutionary, extraordinary and forever changing moments.

As a designer, your mind and mindset are weapons of mass innovative creations, not ordinary, but brain teasers, heart pleasers and eye catchers. Your mind is restless; always active and working unconsciously and consciously. Everything you’ll ever and always encounter becomes an idea and a design.

Designs must only be prodigious to consumers, not you. See the beauty, don’t fancy the beauty. This pulls you away from making oneself (you) at home, as making oneself at home may loosen you up, thou creating laziness. This applies to fresh learners or beginners.

Passion for this occupation is a must have. Psychologically, it helps you to go an extra mile after an extra mile. You are a leader to yourself and your own designs, but mostly to you own designs. Live your designs, don’t let other people (consumers) live you designs more than the owner (in this case, you). In a simple term, be your designs and let your designs be you. When you’re out there in the world, it shouldn’t be hard for people to detect that you’re a designer. It may be hard for them to detect that you’re a designer without being told, but if they get to know, everything about you should be believable that you’re a fashion designer.

It’s legal to make yourself personal designs far improved than the ones you offer for sale to your consumers, but not in a repetitive manner. No matter how much passion is involved, you can’t hide or deny the fact that you’re in it for the money. A business mind or mindset is a major priority. Business is a factor running the world. You can’t escape or bury it.

It’s not all the time you’ll have your creative mojo. Ideas flow in and out, but that should never be an issue for you. Always have a backup plan. Attend fashion shows in flesh as much as you can and also watch more shows on the TV and use the internet as often as you can. In such a way, you’ll never be blank when it comes to manufacturing ideas (creative ones).

Love feedback from the world, whether it’s negative or positive. Feedback gives a room for new enriched innovative ideas.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” – Michelangelo