By silaji Saidi

Dreadlocks, also know/called “locks” age back 2000 years ago before it became popular with the Rastafarians and African people. Now we eye them everywhere about the world with approximately everyone on this planet. Some are short, protracted, not worn/planted about the unabridged head and worn/planted about the unabridged head. A signicant meaning stage show a humongous part in all types of dreadlocks. People who’ve no philosophy in the history of dreadlocks think they originally emanate from Rastafarians and some think Africans; but they’re wrong. Dreadlocks emanate from continents, cultural practices or countries like Africa, Australia, Hinduism, Rastafarian and Buddhism etc… Dreadlocks have been worn/planted for diversied reasons in each culture: as an interpretation of rooted religious or spiritual sentiment, ethnic pride, as a political statement and in more modern times, as a representation of a free, alternative or natural spirit. In this common modern era, 3 reasons why people plant dreadlocks dominate the most are:


Look around the world, people are hand to hand with their cultures and traditions. Limelighting on the dreadlocks era, Africa and the Caribbean territory mostly plant “locks” because of their culture and tradition (will explain it on the second article). Profoundly I’ve discovered a lot of people in Zimbabwe think having dreadlocks is following the Rastafarian culture, but no, it’s not. You become their prey in discovering that you’re not a Rastafarian and they label you as “FAKE”. It’s unethical to the dreadlocks’ philosophy. People have even gone further forgetting that besides the Rastafarian culture dominating, Zimbabwe also has a culture and it’s traditions.


From my previous article in VOLUME 9 on page 7, you now know the basic meaning of Fashion. It’s a goodwill parasite feeding everywhere and on everyone about the globe. Whether you’re cultural or not, the fashion parasite feeds on you. Over the ages of history, dreadlocks were known to be worn/planted around the unabridged head but Fashion has spiced it up. Fashion uses what’s there to transform it into what’s not there. The most common dreadlocks style trending is having dreadlocks only on the middle of your head and none on the sides.


Africans and Black African Americans are known most yo occur in this category. This is claiming the natural beauty the Almighty has blessed them with. It’s shouting out to the world on how proud they are to be who they are.

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