A few days ago we got to meet a well established male model who goes by the name Blekks Makwara. He has featured on the Econet’s smart pandiri commercial and the Golden Pilsener Go for Gold commercial. We got to ask him a few questions below

Age: 33

Modeling Agency :TopModelZw

Career span: 2011-Now

Why did you choose a modeling career

well I can say I didn’t choose modeling as such modelling chose me,it came out naturally.

How do you balance Modeling and acting

Since I am now specialising on commercial modelling and engaging seasonal film and series project this has given me great flexibility to keep both arts moving since they have a great correlation.

Your Achievements?

So many I have in my gallery but the most to mention of and to take note was winning the dapperking Zw clothing line brand ambassador ship and being the first representive in two nations Zimbabwe and South Africa such an amazing and dotting achievement.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

I see my self establishing a strong formidable platform hub for upcoming ,intimidate and experienced models to network and enhance their careers in a meaningful and progressive fashion.

In your own opinion what do you think is the cause for few male models in Zimbabwe

Well in my view male models are plenteous but very few are recognised because of several factors considering our modelling industry here in zim towards the male category and hence the majority of male models then prematurely exit the modelling industry before they reach and realise their full potential to seek for means of living as the pie is still small for the male counterparts.

What are problems faced by male models

Male models go almost unnoticed in the fashion world. They pose beside the greats Cara Delevingnes and Adriana Limas of the industry, seen as more of an accessory than a name, and tend to fall off the radar when topics of eating disorders, sexual harassment and even ageism come up yet male models face these pressing issues

Lack of constant platforms to showcase their talent and skill