“Fashion is an ugliness so intolerable we have to alter it every
six months” -Oscar Wilde.

Well, I would not agree with Wilde’s description of fashion as an
“ugliness”. What I do agree with though is the fact that we have
to alter it every few months, which brings me to the point of
this article, appropriate dressing for different seasons.
To begin with, models should bear in mind that as trend setters
it is their obligation to choose fashion trends that the every day
person can emulate while being weather sensitive and feeling
As the rainy season is upon us, it is that time again where you
throw away your maxi dresses and pull out your short dresses
and playsuits. Avoiding full length heavy trousers especially
denim is wise in this season. This is the best tie to rock cropped
When it comes to dresses for a photoshoot, or just a day out,
floral and bright neon colours are best for lightening moods on
dreary, dank days. On cold rainy days, a pair of pantyhose can
be great way to keep warm while putting on a sophisticated
look. These can be complemented with ankle boots.
Speaking of shoes, short duck boots are essential in every girl’s
closet. These are a better alternative for the traditional knee
high boots in case it turns out to be a hot day. Another must, is
a pair of rubber rain boots, that ensure being able to maneuver
different locations without trouble or having to
change soaked shoes. Leather or rexin sneakers also work
when going of a casual look, they are light and easily dry.
Chunky heels are also perfect for keeping feet dry.

Plastic shoes have been a general
trend as they definitely protect from
soaking feet. However, they are being
slowly phased out as they come with
a few hazards like sweaty feet, blisters
here and there and being unfriendly
to the environment. So, they may be
good for travelling to keep your feet
dry when going for indoor events
where other shoes are more
Let’s move on to makeup. This one is
a challenge for most not just in case
one gets caught in the rain, but the
general humidity is just not friendly to
most makeup. It makes mascara drip
and lipstick bleed. So, to keep your
makeup spic’n’span in the monsoon
season the first secret is to moisturise
your face. I know it sounds ironic to
add moisture when the weather is
humid, but as it turns out, skin tends
to lose moisture in humid conditions.
Therefore, moisturising your face
before putting on makeup and using
powder instead of cream foundation
will help make it set.
Now, EYES. Again moisture is key
here. Eyes should be hydrated before
eyeliner is applied. Waterproof liner
and mascara are also vital for a rainy
day. If one chooses not to use
waterproof liners, it is wise to use
nude or brown colours. Not only will
these avoid smudges, they also help
in achieving a more natural look and
widen eyes to give a bright awake
look to draw attention away from the
dull atmosphere. The same goes for
eye shadow, beige, brown and other
light powder shadows are best