Fashion/video vixen model
Signed under size4 modelling agency.
With 2 years worth of experience.

1.Anything new for this year?

In the past l have been working as a commercial,fashion and video vixen model but this 2019 lm developing to be a bouidor model as l will be advertising lingerie and doing nudity photography.

2.What would you say is the most important thing when doing these shoots?

The most important thing for that type of shoot in my opinion is for someone to be comfortable

3. How do you get along with the photographer?

I usually have music playing just so there’s less tension that’s how the photographer and l get along

4.Do you get to choose what to wear?

I think as a model you have to know what you want to wear first. Depending on the theme of the shoot you choose what best fits your body and what you’re comfortable in. If it’s a nude shoot then being in a space that’s comfortable helps you to relax

5.Is it important to establish some sort of relationships in the industry?

I think communication between the model and photographer is very important because it builds trust and that’s something that you can see in the images if the model doesn’t really have that with the photographer ,also I think getting to know the person shooting you helps to break that barrier.

6. For someone who wants to do bouidor shoots , what would you tell them regarding your experiences.

You should give your input about how you invision the pictures.Tell the photographer what you want to flaunt the most

7.Let’s talk about confidence. What would you say helps?

I think choosing lingerie that you’re most comfortable in helps you.Having people do hair and make up also eases a lot of the pressure in trying to get your look together

8. What happens during the shoot. Do you get to say your opinions?

I usually give feedback as I’m shooting , I think positive feedback helps to build the persons self esteem and make them more confident

9. I’ve seen some of your pictures and they are great. What other thing do you feel helps you to make great pictures?.

I try to evoke emotion with the pictures because if you it ends up being erotic

10. One of the reasons why you chose to do bouidor shoots?

So many are ladies who are not bold to express themselves while their inner part wants to feel sexual attractive, in my experience I will be enjoying my blessing as a lady

11. Let’s talk about body painting. What would be an advantage of doing it?

The advantages of body painting its unique very few have done it yr portfolio will be great.

12. For one who wants to do bouidor shoots ,what would you say is needed from your experiences?

Doing boudior and nudeshoots needs maturity and proffesionalism. Its a descipline that comes with time. In the first days would be shy and get hard on kkk. But with time it all professional no feelings for client and all professional and cool