By Tanyaradzwa. R. Kwerengwe

Perfecting elegance and poise in a photograph is one of the essentials for every model…well every girl who is wishing for that classy look. Here are some simple tips to remember:

Pulling the chin forward eliminates that flabby look that appears below even the skinniest chin. However, be sure not to point the chin at the camera to avoid shooting up the nose.
Posing the hair which doesn’t seem like much actually does a world of good for the model. Avoid letting it sit on the shoulder at all costs. One can have it all behind the shoulders, on one side, all in front of the shoulders, some in front of one shoulder and the rest behind the other shoulder or wear it up.
Lifting the arm maintains its actual size as opposed to pressing it against yourself which makes it look bigger. So, let it float a little or put your hand on your hip…anything to avoid squashing it against your body.
Turn your shoulders to show a simmer profile unless you are going for a powerful look such as doing a photoshoot for a corporate commercial.
Avoid showing the whites of the eyes. Showing the iris always makes you look more attractive. To achieve a dreamy look, focus on an object just behind the camera to give the illusion of and enlarged iris.

Additionals are: eliminating anything that visually extends the waist and avoid letting the nose break the line of the face.