I had a vision – to create the greatest, most stylish, innovative, authentic, conscious, inspiring Model magazine/media movement on the planet. The whole idea was to help the models and those who wanted to join the modeling career.

In a world full of imitation and replication, we wanted to do something different. Something extraordinary, something that would stand out, be authentic and we could take beyond the pages of a print magazine. We scoured the planet for original thinking and genuine human connection; people with a willingness to share and speak out, to strip back the spin and hype. Our goal was to uncover those truly being courageous enough to be all that they can be and willing to bare their souls. People who were living, not just existing. Who are emotionally invested and not just ‘Working for The Man’ who believe their voice means something and that corporate logic or rhetoric isn’t always logical. That sometimes there is indeed a better way. We wanted the stories behind the story to inspire you but also to provide the how-tos and resources so that your own vision, goals and dreams would become attainable to you in your unique way. This magazine is for you, the people who challenge the status quo, who shake things up, who ask ‘why?’ Who harness unique strengths and talents in themselves and others for positive change and have the capacity to gain a stronger foothold in the beige boardroom of carbon copy corporations. You are the rebels with some serious attitude and cause. This magazine is NOT for those amongst us who deposit their souls at the door when they go to work each day.