Specific requirements depend on the client , with different jobs requiring different physical characteristics . However, most models must be within certain ranges for height , weight , and clothing size.


There are no formal educational credentials required to become a model . Most modeling agencies allow applicants to email photos directly to the agency . The agency will then contact and interview prospective models who show potential . Many agencies also have “open calls , ” whereby aspiring models can walk into.


an agency during a specified time and meet directly with agents and clients . Some aspiring models may attend modeling schools that provide training in posing , walking , applying makeup , and other basic tasks . Although some models are discovered when agents scout for “ fresh faces ” at modeling schools , attending such schools does not necessarily lead to job opportunities . Models advance by working more regularly and being selected for assignments that offer higher pay . They may appear in magazines , print advertising campaigns, commercials , or runway shows that have higher profiles and provide more widespread exposure . Because advancement depends on a model ’ s previous work , maintaining a good portfolio of high- quality, up – to -date photographs is important in getting assignments. In addition, actively participating in social media and building a large number of followers increases exposure. A model’ s selection of an agency is also important for advancement : the better the reputation and skill of the agency , the more assignments a model is likely to get .



A model ’ s career depends on the person ’ s maintaining his or her physical characteristics . Models must control their diet , exercise regularly, and get enough sleep to stay healthy and photogenic . Haircuts, pedicures , and manicures are necessary work – related expenses .

Interpersonal skills

Models must interact with a large number of people , such as agents , photographers, and customers . It is important to be polite , professional , prompt , and respectful .

Listening Skills

Models must take direction from photographers and clients during photo shoots and commercials .

Organizational skills

Models must manage their portfolios and their work and travel schedules . Competition for jobs is strong , and most clients have specific needs for each job , so patience and persistence are essential .